How to Get Started Fly Fishing

Are you interested in learning how to fly fish but not sure where to begin? We will cover the basics because catching a Northern Pike on a fly is one of the ultimate fly fishing experiences and we want you to encounter just that when you visit us at Lawrence Bay Lodge.

What is fly fishing?
Fly fishing is the practice of putting a fake fly in front of a fish in hopes that the fish will mistake it for the real thing and eat it. It all starts with the cast.

Practice casting
If you don’t know how to cast, you will have a hard time fly fishing. Before visiting us, take a lesson, watch some videos or ask a friend who has perfected the skill and head to your local park or even just your backyard to practice casting. If you don’t get it right off of the bat, don’t worry, it takes practice but once you get on the water and do it over and over, it will become second nature and you will really begin to enjoy yourself.

Learn how to read the water
Fish live in different places in rivers and lakes, so if you don’t recognize the specific places, you will end up spending a lot of time fishing in spots that don’t hold any fish. Pocket river waters for instance have specific places that fish like to sit and wait for food. Learning how to read the water and determine how your fly will drift is very important.

Get necessary equipment but don’t spend a fortune
Fly fishing is a sport that involves a lot of equipment, from fly rods to fly reels to fly lines and so forth. The list goes on and on with millions of gadgets. You don’t need to go run out and buy the most expensive equipment; you can get by and catch several fish with just a basic fly rod and plastic waders. Just get out there and fish and try not to worry about all of the gear.

Fly fishing is a fun sport and is meant to be enjoyed by big, small, young and old so come see us and get started at Lawrence Bay Lodge, the fish on Reindeer Lake are waiting for you.