Why Parents Should Teach Their Children How to Fish

Fishing Trips Reindeer LakeFishing is a pastime enjoyed by men and women for generations. By introducing your child or children to fishing, you get them started on an activity they will be able to enjoy throughout their lifetime, and kids can learn some important lessons while trying to reel in a big catch.

One of the great things about fishing is that it’s a fairly inexpensive hobby to start. As the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service notes in its “Fishing is Fun for Everyone” brochure, many sporting goods stores, as well as discount stores or hardware shops, carry fishing equipment, making it simple to find. Combination packages are also generally easy to find and available at an affordable price, making fishing a far more accessible sport than some other pastimes that require an extensive investment in equipment.

Children can also learn a great deal from learning to fish. Patience is a virtue, and in fishing it’s a necessity. Introducing your child to fishing and teaching him or her the importance of keeping a steady hand and patience while waiting for fish to take the bait. The Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation also notes that if your fishing will take place on a boat, a trip to cast your lines can double as an opportunity to teach your child nautical terminology and safety and how to have fun on the water. It can also be an opportunity to include fishing as part of other maritime adventures like snorkeling or tubing, which can provide children with other ways to be active and learn more about nature during your boat outing.

Fishing can also be an excellent way to bond with your son or daughter and create a shared interest. Helping your child to learn how to cast a line, prepare bait and land and reel in a fish provides opportunities to teach them skills they can use for life and instill in them a joy and passion for the unbeatable excitement that comes from catching that big fish or netting a delicious and healthy dinner. Active.com offers some tips on how to make your first trips successful and how to try to get your kids hooked on fishing.

The thrill of fishing cannot always be learned in a single trip, and just as patience is important to reeling in a catch, it’s equally important to reeling in children to the hobby. GreenFish recommends planning ahead of time for this and being ready to study wildlife tracks or skip stones if fishing loses their interest. Understanding that distractions and mistakes will occur can help you be as successful in teaching them to fish as you hope that they will be in enjoying the experience.