4 Things that You can do to Ward off Invasive Species

We can all agree that Saskatchewan and Reindeer Lake are great for fishing. Part of the reason for this is that the ecosystems in this part of Canada have maintained sustainability throughout the years of human habitation. Furthermore, human activity has not lead to the introduction of many invasive species in our part of Canada. The Great Lakes and other areas suffer from a wide variety of invasive species and, in Alaska, our beloved Northern Pike is ravaging non-native areas, taking out entire populations of trout and salmon.

So, here’s some things that you can do to keep things the way that they are at Reindeer Lake, so we can preserve our incredible Saskatchewan fishing:

1 – Educate Yourself – Just by reading this, you are beginning your education process. But, don’t stop here; check out the Saskatchewan Invasive Species Council website, learn about invasive species and how to identify them.

2 – Clean Your Boat & Equipment – Wherever you fish, you should make sure to thoroughly clean your boat before heading to a different location. Many potentially harmful species can survive the trip and can start small and grow into big problems.

3 – Remember – All Non-Native Species are Bad – Just because a species is a plant or a smaller fish does not mean that they are not harmful. All living things require food and resources, so if you introduce a new plant or animal into a stable ecosystem, they begin to steal resources from the native plants or animals.

4 – Never Dump Water from one Lake into Another – To be safe, don’t ever dump one lake’s water into another. Microorganisms are still organisms. Plus, many plants and fish begin very small. So, just because you can’t see them, does not mean that they are not there!