Saskatchewan Fly Fishing

Let us help you plan some Northern Pike fly-fishing on Reindeer Lake that you will never forget.

A lot of fly-fisherman spend most of their time fishing for trout or bass in freshwater, or bonefish, snook, permit, or tarpon in salt water.

Catching a Northern Pike on a fly is one of the ultimate fly fishing experiences. Reindeer Lake Northern Pike fly fishing has never been better. During our past season, we had large numbers of Northern Pike taken in excess of 42 inches. In fact we had one angler that caught 5 trophy Northern Pike, all in excess of 42 inches in one day.

Our experienced Saskatchewan fly fishing guides can help you have an unforgettable Canada fly-fishing experience.

We are fully prepared to help you plan your trip and we can handle any group size that you might have.

Fly Fishing for Northern Pike in Saskatchewan is not your run-of-the-mill fishing experience. Remember that Northern Pike are powerful and aggressive sport fish.

We recommend that you bring an 8 to 10 weight fly rod. You will need a good reel with an excellent drag mechanism.

Leaders should include a wire or hard nylon tippet. Northern Pike like large flies. The Berry Reynolds Pike Fly or a fly called the McMurderer work well as large flies for these impressive fish.

Colors range from chartreuse to black. We can assist you with tackle and gear selection to meet your needs.

Some anglers have fished with us for many years before trying the fly fishing at Lawrence Bay Lodge. Many of these guests have fished all over the world and, after trying Reindeer Lake fly fishing, they have found it to be fun, exciting and, in many cases, unmatched.

Letters from some of our fly-fishing guests:

  • Randy: “The fly-fishing was more productive than I had imagined it would be. Pike will take a fly in preference to a spoon that is in front of their nose. I plan to spend most of the return visits to Lawrence Bay, “fly-fishing”
    -Steve Collier
  • Dear Friends: “Catching four trophy pike on fly in one afternoon was unforgettable.” -Doug Hatley
  • Catching a trophy pike on fly is an unforgettable experience. Let Lawrence Bay Lodge help you become part of a unique fraternity, “Trophy Pike on a Fly”.
    -Randy and Phil Engen