Saskatchewan Northern Pike Fishing

Huge Northern Pike Caught on Fly RodLawrence Bay lodge is located on Reindeer Lake in Saskatchewan. Considered one of the top lakes inhabiting Northern Pike in the world, it is approximately 180 miles in length and can reach up to 60 miles wide. Thousands of islands are located on Reindeer Lake, creating an ideal structure and environment for fishing. The islands along with the mainland are able to create thousands of bays. All of which are perfect harbors for large, healthy Northern Pike!

Last season at Lawrence Bay Lodge we caught the largest amount of trophy pike in the Saskatchewan area. 75% of our customers caught fish that ranged from 18 to over 35 pounds! Thanks to our catch and release program, these trophy pike are available for any of our guests at Lawrence Bay Lodge to try and reel in. If you and your friends and family are seeking a fun, thrilling fishing adventure, and maybe bragging rights about catching a giant Northern Pike, look no further than Lawrence Bay Lodge on Reindeer Lake! Please contact us today to schedule your visit. We are looking forward to fishing with you!