Advantages of Log Structures

When you see a log structure constructed within the woods, whether it is a cabin, a house, or a recreational building, you likely assume it built from wood so it can blend in easily with surroundings. However, log structures such as lodges, cabins, and homes actually offer several benefits.

They Last Long-Term

Although many people assume that brick structures last the longest when exposed to harsh outdoor elements, log and timber structures certainly hold their own against wind, rain, and snow. They are durable and typically last up to 10 times longer than a standard cabin in the woods would. In fact, several log homes in Europe are still standing strong after 800 years.

Often Recycled

Although it does take a significant amount of time to grow a tree, trees are renewable resources. Many builders also create structures or furniture from dead trees so they are not destroying or cutting down healthy and functional trees. Bugs often kill trees from the outside, destroying the bark, but leaving the wood inside in mint condition. Many builders use the insides of dead trees to build flawless log structures.

Suitable to Surroundings

Log structures were not built in the woods just because they fit in with the surroundings, although they do. Log cabins blend well within forests and wooded areas, and that does play some role in why they are so often built within them. Log structures fit in seamlessly with the landscape surrounding them. A metal structure would stand out and impose on a naturistic setting but log structures do not.

Create Calming Effect

If you are an “outdoors” person, you likely enjoy the outdoors because they are quiet and serene. Log structures are actually quite soundproof. Depending on the thickness of the logs, the structures can typically hush outside sounds. Although there isn’t necessarily a “scientific” explanation for why most people feel at ease in log structures, they do have an undeniable calming effect. The natural appearance of the structure creates a stress-free environment for most people.

Surprising Health Benefits

Log structures can also provide health benefits to many different people. For instance, if you suffer from allergy issues, your allergies might be irritated in certain homes and structures. The wood from the log cabins are a natural and breathable material, especially compared to many carpets and insulation often found in other structures. Many people find themselves breathing easier within log structures and doctors even recommend them to people with severe allergies.

Lawrence Bay Lodge stands behind the benefits of log structures and we are grateful for our own log structures.