Advice for Choosing Walleye Bait

Although we are best known for our northern pike fishing, there are plenty of other species of fish you will see during a trip to Lawrence Bay Lodge. One of the most popular in the area – and the official fish of Saskatchewan – the walleye is absolutely delicious to eat! A freshwater, carnivorous fish, visitors catch hundreds of walleyes each day, but there is more to this success than just luck. These fish are infamous for their ability to steal bait without getting caught, making the right bait a key aspect in the luring of a walleye.


The most common lure choice for catching walleye, a jig is a great option because it allows you to cast right to the bottom of the water where walleyes reside. These fish usually catch onto your bait as it is sinking, so pay close attention as you drop your line into the water, reeling it in when you feel pressure or pulling.

Slip Sinker Rigs

A great way to catch walleye if they seem to be letting go of your bait the moment they feel resistance, slip sinker rigs let you feed more line to the walleye while they nibble on your bait and get hooked. Pay attention to the weight of your sinker, ensuring that it is heavy enough to reach the depth of water that walleye are residing at.

Live Bait

Since walleyes love to dine on smaller fish, leeches and worms, one of the best ways to catch them is by luring them in with some live bait. We recommend choosing your bait according to what the walleye is typically dining on during that season, using minnows in the spring, fall and winter, and leeches and night crawlers in the summer.

There are plenty of ways to present your live bait to the fish, and the same techniques we recommend when fishing with a lure can be used with live bait.

Whether you are planning a trip with your family or your closest friends, Lawrence Bay Lodge is a great place to fish for walleye. For more information about the accommodations and to book your stay, contact us by phone at 701-262-4560.