Advice for New Hunters

Hunting is not a simple sport. You cannot wander into the wilderness and hope for the best. Hunting takes skills, strategy, knowledge, confidence, equipment, and the list goes on. For people that are new to hunting, there are important things to remember, understand, and practice.

Buy the Right Equipment
Hunting requires a decent amount of equipment and hunts depend on them to stay safe while hunting and in order to do their best hunting. One thing that many new hunters do not realize to bring with them is a compass. Although our phones serve as our “GPS” typically, when you are out in wooded lands, it’s vital to have a compass with you. It is also vital to make sure you check to make sure you have the equipment you need. Once you are out hunting, you’re not going to be able to turn back and get what you need if you’ve forgotten something.

Dress for the Occasion
Many new hunters are unaware of the appropriate clothing that should be worn when going out on a hunting trip. Clothing is a vital part of a hunting trip and it’s important to dress a certain way. If you are not wearing enough clothing or layers, you could feel cold which distracts your focus away from your short and could result in shivering which makes an unsteady hand. You also don’t want to wear too much clothing because you will have to be able to move and won’t want too much baggage. Make sure you are checking the weather before you head out and are aware of what temperatures and elements you’ll be dealing with.

Be the Student
Hunting is something you must learn how to do. You will need to know what animals need to be tracked versus which animals will need to called. You will need to be able to recognize certain paw or hoof marks to identify what animal is near, how long ago it went through, how big it is in size, etc. You will also need to understand what the animals strengths and weaknesses are to understand how to best catch them. Once you’ve killed your animal, you also need to understand field dressing, the process of removing the internal organs from the animal. If you do not know what you’re doing, your game will be useless.

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