Bug Spray Alternatives to Use When Fishing and Camping

Are you tired of getting bug bites despite using the typical brand name repellents? Do you enjoy outdoor activities but can’t bear all the swarming insects? Here are some simple alternatives to your average bug spray that could be the perfect solution!

Cover up

It may seem counterintuitive during the summer months, but try to expose as little skin as possible when doing outdoor activities like hiking, camping, and fishing. Wearing long pants, long sleeve shirts, socks, and sneakers will help prevent those pesky bugs from being able to bite. For extra protection, tuck in your clothing so there are as few openings as possible for the bugs to fly inside. Dark colors are also more likely to attract bugs, so be sure to wear light colors.

Use fans

Mosquitoes and other flying insects don’t like flying into strong air currents, and they also have a hard time landing on you when they do. When you’re home, keep a fan outside with you if you have an outlet nearby. When you’re out and about in nature, consider creating a fan out of paper or using a magazine to help keep the bugs at bay.

Natural sprays

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, catnip oil may provide several hours of protection from mosquitoes. Oil of lemon eucalyptus (OLE) is another plant-based oil that effectively prevents bug bites and contains lower concentrations of DEET. Other natural ingredients that may repel mosquitoes and other insects include fennel, thyme, celery extract, and neem oil.

Once you’ve found a repellent method that works best for you, head to Lawrence Bay Lodge for a fantastic fishing and camping trip on the beautiful and bountiful Reindeer Lake!