Common Hunting Mistakes to Avoid

Each fall, thousands of men and women spend hours hunting. Most of them have a great time; while others make mistakes, which end up costing them to miss the buck they were close to harvesting. To get you moving in the right direction, watch for these three deer hunting errors:

Switching to a different stand too early

Mature bucks often travel on a three-day cycle, so give a good stand at least three days before moving to a different stand or moving your stand. Patience is often the key to a successful hunt!

Getting stuck in a rut

If an area was successful once, it’s natural to go to it again and again, but older bucks will learn where, when and how they are being hunted, according to Field & Stream. Instead, try to mix up your approach, location and tactics so you have a greater chance harvesting a mature deer!

Failing to check your gear

Gear tends to wear out over time. Rifles can jam or start to misfire from build-up, tree stands can rust and become weak, and clothes can fray. The consequences can vary from not checking your gear, so it’s important to take the extra step before you head out for the hunt.

We hope you avoid some of these common mistakes before your next hunting trip. Here at Lawrence Bay Lodge, we have hunting opportunities available in Saskatchewan that you won’t want miss out on. For further information, call us at 701-262-4560 today!