Common Shooting Mistakes Hunters Make

Planning a hunting trip this fall? Make sure it’s a successful one by avoiding these common shooting mistakes hunters make:

Not logging enough practice time

One major hunting habit to break: taking out your rifle the day before hunting season and putting it away the day after. It may be hard to find the time and a place to shoot year-round, but the effort will pay off. Your shots will be more accurate, and you’ll flinch less.

Hunting hard, not smart

Instead of hunting for 10 or 12 low-odds days, hunt for two or three high-odds days.

Choosing the wrong shooting position

Choose a steady position—one that you’ll be able to hold comfortably—that is best suited to your target. For example, lying prone may not be the best choice if the ground covers your target, and you should avoid twisting your body in uncomfortable ways that will impede your ability to shoot.

Buying a rifle that doesn’t fit

No matter how high-quality the rifle, if it doesn’t fit properly it will negatively impact your hunting success. The butt end of your rifle should sit comfortably in the crook of your elbow when you hold the (unloaded) rifle pointed straight in the air with your finger on the trigger and your elbow bent.

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