Different Ways to Cook Fish

If you like to fish, then you know there’s nothing better than cooking up that fresh morning catch! Here are some of the many delicious ways to prepare your fish.


Perfect for summertime, fire up the grill to prepare your fish! You’ll want to begin by lightly buttering or oiling the fish. Once you’ve put it on the grill, the fish will cook quickly, so make sure to keep a close eye – only a few minutes on each side are needed. Once those grill marks have formed nicely, you’re ready to eat!


For a healthy, quick and easy method, bake the fish. Simply prep a baking sheet or shallow pan with butter or cooking spray, season the fish, and put it in the oven! Cook for about ten minutes per inch of thickness. The end result will be tender with a nice crunch!


Sautéing is a great option for cooking fish fillets. Add oil or butter to a nonstick skillet and cook the fish for about four to five minutes per side, per inch of thickness. You can also try dipping the fish in milk or a beaten egg mixture and breading before sautéing for some crispiness!

Deep Fry

One of the most popular ways to cook fish is to deep fry it. Thinner slices of fish are best for this method. While you heat enough cooking oil for the fish to float in, sprinkle the fish lightly with flour, dip in a beaten egg mixture and coat with breading. Add the fish to the oil and cook until lightly browned – about three to five minutes. Remove and drain on a paper towel before serving.

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