Do You Know These Common Fishing Superstitions?

Fishermen are some of the most superstitious people on the planet. They often believe that if they do (or don’t do) certain things, it’ll prevent them from catching fish. They practice all kinds of wild superstitions in order to increase their chances of bringing fish on board their boats.

Here are a few common fishing superstitions that you might not necessarily know about, even if you fish on a regular basis.

Spitting on bait and into the water

Could spit–yes, spit–be the key to catching fish? Many fishermen in New England buy into a superstition involving spit. They will often spit on their bait before casting it into the water because they believe that it’s good luck to do so. They’ll also spit into the water and, at times, will even spit on their own boats to try and attract fish to jump on their lines. It might be a gross superstition, but it’s one that many fishermen swear by when they’re out on the water.

Avoiding “good mornings” from fellow fishermen

Saying “good morning” to someone at the start of a new day is usually seen as the polite thing to do. But in Scotland, fishermen do whatever it takes to avoid hearing the words “good morning” from others. They’ll walk with their heads down and steer clear of making eye contact with anyone simply because they don’t want people to say “good morning” to them. They do this because “good mornings” are believed to be bad luck, and you’ll often see a Scottish fisherman turn around and head right home if he hears those words.

Casting a $1 bill into the sea

Will a monetary sacrifice help you catch more fish? There are some fishermen who believe it will. They will put a $1 bill on their line when they cast out for the first time in the hopes that it will lead to big fish biting throughout the course of a day. Over the years, fishermen have also tossed things like pennies and other loose change into the water in the hopes of getting into the good graces of the sea spirits.

Whether you buy into any of the superstitions listed here or not, you can enjoy the fishing adventure of a lifetime when you visit Lawrence Bay Lodge. You’ll find everything from Northern pike to Walleye in Reindeer Lake and will get the chance to try your own superstitions out. Call us at 701-262-4560 today to schedule a fishing trip!