Empty Looking Banks? Here’s How to Catch Fish

There’s a reason why you won’t usually find a bunch of people fishing in empty looking banks. They look, well, empty, so people don’t think they’re going to have any success finding fish in them and look elsewhere. But the truth is that you can actually make the most of this opportunity by going out of your way to find empty looking banks where you won’t have much competition. Here’s how to catch fish from empty looking banks.

Observe the area before you cast your line

If you’re going to have success at empty looking banks, the last thing you want to do is simply walk down to the water and start casting. Unless you get really lucky, you’re probably not going to reel in any fish. Instead, walk along empty looking banks to try and spot signs of vegetation or rocky areas where fish might be hiding out. If you can find a place like that, you may have hit the jackpot.

Educate yourself about which kind of bait is best

You should obviously always use the right kind of bait, but it’s especially important in empty looking banks since you’re not going to find a ton of fish fighting over your bait. You should learn more about what kind of fish are in the water and match them with the right bait. You should also consider using fast-moving lures like lipless crankbaits and spinnerbaits that will move quickly through shallow water and entice fish.

Stay low and avoid sending your shadow out across the water

When you’re standing upright along empty looking banks, your shadow might cast over the water and affect the fish. You might actually spook them and prevent them from coming anywhere near your line if you aren’t careful. Try to stay as low as you can at all times to stop your shadow from impacting your fishing.

While fishing empty looking banks can be fun for a while, it’s more fun to go on guided fishing tours that will yield lots of fish. Lawrence Bay Lodge can provide you with the best fishing in Saskatchewan. Call us at 701-262-4560 today to schedule a fishing trip!