Fishing Benefits for Veterans

Memorial Day 2017 is coming up, and while we will take the day to remember those who have passed that served our country, we also honor the brave individuals still with us.

Have you ever thought about what veterans do to heal? For many of them, fishing is a huge outlet.

Many veterans go fishing to escape reality for a bit and to de-stress from mental struggles. In fact, Healing Waters is a project specifically designed to help disabled or wounded military service members struggling go fishing to deal with the issues and stress they face returning to daily life.

In fact, fishing helps war veterans in a variety of ways.

Reduces Anger Issues

Many veterans experience extreme anger issues which becomes a burden to themselves and their loved ones. They can’t help but to bring bits and pieces of the war back with them. Fishing can help manage that uncontrollable anger by helping the veteran focus on focusing on fly tying, and more specifically, the rhythm of fly fishing. The purity of nature allows them to find peace which many veterans are seeking.

Builds Confidence  

Fishing has helped many people find themselves once again. Being on the water while surrounded by nature allows veterans to clear their mind. Veterans often feel that their disabilities limit their capabilities; however fishing can help veterans overcome that perceived thought and begin building up their confidence level, creating a new space for possibilities they might not have considered before.

Lowers Social Anxiety

Fishing can also be a great “solo sport” but can also be enjoyed with others. Fishing is a low-pressure, social setting where people can sit comfortably in silence together or enjoy simple conversation. For many veterans, it can be difficult to have “small talk,” but doing so while fishing makes conversation feel less forced and less expected.

Many heroes have found hope on the water.

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