Fishing For Walleye during the Winter Months

As you may well know, the best time to catch walleyes is during semi or total darkness, as walleyes are “low light condition feeders.” Walleyes are adapted to capture their prey in very low light, when their prey has limited vision. The most fervent walleye anglers are never looking to catch during the daylight, sticking to the early dawn or late at night.

Although walleye fishing is available all year long, it being winter, we felt it would be beneficial to our readers to offers some techniques that are sure to help improve your catch this season. During the winter months, the walleye fish become inactive; the number of feedings decreases along with residing in the deepest parts of the water.

During the winter months, lake fishing for walleye will be your best bet. Your fishing gear should include an ice auger, short rod, an ice strainer and bait. If you are fishing with minnows, do not set the hook as soon as the bobber disappears since walleye usually swim a short distance before swallowing the bait.

Good luck and keep warm while fishing this winter!


Post by Lawrence Bay Lodge
Source: Iowa DNR