Fishing with Your Children is About More Than What Bites

For families looking for an adventurous summer vacation, a trip to Lawrence Bay Lodge is a great option that is about much more than the fish biting on Reindeer Lake. Sure, catching a trophy pike is one of the most exciting moments a fisherman can experience, but the memories you make sitting in the boat with your children, waiting for that fish to bite, are even better.

Teach New Skills

Whether you are sharing your passion for fly fishing or angling with your family, there are tons of tips and tricks to teach during your Saskatchewan vacation. These new skills you teach your children are ones they will carry with them throughout their lives, passing them down to their own children while sharing stories about your vacation together.

Fishing is about a lot more than just baiting a hook, instilling patience, perseverance and problem solving skills that your children can implement in all aspects of their lives in the years to come.

Enjoy Good Conversation

Without cell phones, video games and the busyness that makes up everyday life, it is much easier to enjoy some great conversation with your children. Whether you are sitting in a boat or enjoying dinner at the lodge, there are so many opportunities to get to know your children better. Talk to them about the hobbies they enjoy, the school subjects they enjoy and where they see themselves in the future.

A great opportunity for family bonding, not only do you get to share your love of fishing with your children, but you also get to share stories and ideas with them – further building the special bond you share.

Encourage Independence

Especially for younger children, adventure travel is a wonderful way to encourage independence while still being there to provide support. Let your children try their hand at baiting their hooks, releasing the fish they catch and more to show them just how capable they are and to boost their self-esteem.

A trip to Lawrence Bay Lodge is an incredible opportunity to spend some quality time with your children, sharing the hobby you love with them and making memories that will last a lifetime. To learn more about our Saskatchewan fishing lodge and book your stay, visit us online or give us a call at 701-262-4560.