Five Creative DIY Fishing Projects

If you love to fish, you’ll enjoy these fun DIY fishing projects:

Paracord fishing lure with a hook

Got some frayed paracord? If it’s brightly colored, don’t throw it out—turn it into a handy lure! Just slide the end of the paracord rope onto a fishing hook and fray the ends so they look like the tail of a small fish.

Wood topwater popper fishing lure

This lure looks store-bought, doesn’t it? Fooled you! It’s actually a DIY project that you can take on in your garage.

Universal fishing line winder

For about $8 and a trip to your local hardware store, you can make an easy-to-use, tangle-free device that fills fishing reels with line. Similar devices you can buy online will cost as much as $150, so you’ll be saving some cash for your next fishing trip.

Artificial crappie bed

Use PVC pipe to create a homemade crappie bed that gives the fish the sense of security and cover they want. You’ll know exactly where they are, and your line won’t get snagged on the PVC.

Survival fishing kit

If you’re ever in a survival situation, this handy kit will ensure you’ll be able to catch some fish.

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