Four Casting Techniques You’ll Want to Know

When you’re out to catch some fish, there are several different types of casting techniques you can use. Each one has different advantages, so it pays to know a few.

Casting Technique One: Overhead Cast

The overhead cast is one of the most common techniques. It works well with almost any lure. It’s most effective when you cast beyond the fish, as it usually causes a large splash when the lure makes contact with the water. Learn how to do it here.

Casting Technique Two: Sidearm Cast

This cast is frequently preferred over the overhead cast because it causes less of a splash. It’s also great for windy conditions: wind can throw your lure and reduce casting distance if you attempt an overhead cast, whereas a sidearm cast will allow you to cast below the wind. Accuracy is key here, so practice this technique often.

Casting Technique Three: Pitching

Pitching is great for up-close, finesse fishing, i.e. when you’re 10 yards or closer from the fish you want to catch. Here’s how to do it.

Casting Technique Four: Drop Casting

Drop casting works when you’re fishing off of a pier or other surface high above the water, and the fish you want to catch are directly below. It’s simple: just open the bail or free the spool and watch your lure drop down. Make sure to slow or stop the spool before the lure hits, to avoid splashes that will scare the fish.

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