Four Useful Fly Fishing Techniques

Ask any fly fisherman and he’ll tell you—there’s nothing like a day spent casting your rod in a beautiful lake or stream. If you’re a newbie, or if you need to brush up on your technique after a long winter spent indoors, read these handy tips.

Fly Fishing Technique 1: The Overhead Cast

You’ll be using the overhead cast 90% of the time when fly fishing. It can be divided into two parts: the back cast, which loads the rod with energy, and the forward cast. Click here for a comprehensive breakdown of this essential fly fishing technique.

Fly Fishing Technique 2: The Roll Cast

In situations where you don’t have much room behind you, the roll cast is a better bet than the overhead cast. Instead of using an aerial back cast, you’ll draw the line slowly backward and hang it in a slack loop off the back of the rod, known as the D-loop. This creates the weight you’ll need to load the rod for the forward cast.

Fly Fishing Technique 3: Move Slowly

You may be tempted to rush down to the water, but don’t do it. Fish can sense vibrations, and it’s best to move at a stealthy pace.

Fly Fishing Technique 4: Dress the Part

Wear clothes that blend in with the environment and invest in a pair of polarized glasses, which will allow you to see into the water.

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