Get ready for a Great Northern Pike Fishing Season at Lawrence Bay!

The weather is beautiful at Lawrence Bay and the ice is coming off the lake faster than ever! We are on schedule to open June 3rd for some of the best northern pike fishing you’ll ever see, so make sure to book a room and get in on this Saskatchewan fishing action!

Other than our excitement for this season, everything is pretty relaxed at the Lodge, seeing as we’re not open yet. We can’t stress how well the fishing will be this year. You’d be surprised how big a difference this early spring will make. Still, don’t forget to bring some warm clothes! It can get cold and wet on a dime and we don’t want you missing out on any of these pike because you forgot sweaters and a raincoat!

Don’t let that make you nervous though. We expect a great summer and some good adventure. Our Reindeer Lake fishing guides will make sure that you experience a time out on the lake like no other! So get packed and get up here for what might just be our best summer yet! Last year, our guest catches totaled at over 1600—let’s try to beat it this year!