Grilled Moose Steak For Post-Hunt Celebration!

Grilled Moose Steak

As humans, we are carnivores. That fact is often up for debate, but humans have been hunting and eating their prey since the earliest days. It is in our blood, for some of us. You might love a good burger or a huge, rare steak- but you have not experienced truly satisfying meat until you’ve cooked moose. Especially moose you’ve tracked and hunted; the meal is your largest reward.

Now don’t forget, we’re talking moose here. Up to 1,000 lbs of meat to tend to, so prepare for the excess and have enough cold space for what you plan to keep. has great tips for butchering and barbecuing your trophy moose. These instructions are for the 1,000lb kills, which seem to be the average in southern Saskatchewan.

“The furry wrapper of a moose—100 pounds of heavy, hairy skin—is considered inedible unless you’re starving (best donate it to a hide-recovery program). Also not needed are about 40 pounds of lower legs and hooves (unless you’re interested in making thin soup or glue). The head accounts for another 80 to 90 pounds; you can get rid of that, too, once you’ve removed the tongue. ”

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Ready To try grilling the moose? Try this grilled moose steak recipe from

Grilled Moose Steak

  • 2 lg Moose steaks, any cut
  • 3 Fingers coltsfoot salt
  • 2 lg Wild onions
  • 2 Fingers porcupine fat

Place the moose steaks on a flat clean rock. Pound the steaks with another stone until all the fibers have been broken down. Sprinkle a little coltsfoot salt over the steaks. Cut the wild onions in half and, on the cut side, rub the salt into the meat. Repeat on the other side.

Drop the fat on the stone griddle and let it float out over the stone so that you have a well greased spot large enough to place the steaks on. Cook for 15 to 20 minutes on each side. If you have plenty of wild onion, slice the onion thinly and fry it with the steaks.