History of Reindeer Lake

The first thought when out on the on Lake Reindeer will most likely be, “Wow, this is what the great outdoors is really like.”

Lake Reindeer is located on the border between Saskatchewan and Manitoba, far north close to the Northwest Territories. It’s the second biggest lake in Saskatchewan and the ninth biggest in Canada.
The rock formations around the lake are some of the oldest on earth, while Deep Bay, located on the Southwestern end of the lake, is unusually deep because it was formed by a meteorite that hit about 140 million years ago.

This lake is mostly quiet, relatively untouched by man, which allows those monster pike to grow and grow. In fact, Reindeer Lake is known for its trophy-sized pike. It’s a great summer location and for world class-fishing of Pike, yellow perch, northern pike, lake trout and much more.

Staying at Lawrence Bay Lodge gives the most earnest of fisherman a great retreat to a big lake filled with huge, relatively untouched fish by man. Think about it, the second biggest lake in Saskatchewan that sees limited fishing action each year.

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Post by  Lawrence Bay Lodge