How Does Weather Affect Fishing?

At the Lawrence Bay Lodge, we love to fish no matter the weather. But do you know how weather affects fishing? Humans and fish alike are affected by weather patterns. Learn more to have a great catch, rain or shine.

Under pressure

Fish aren’t really affected by rain—they’re pretty wet already. But what does affect them is barometric pressure. Incoming precipitation and cooler temperatures drive barometric pressure down, and pleasant, warm and clear weather sends it up. Many experts believe that fish move more when the pressure is changing. Rising pressure sends fish moving around cover and in lower depths, before the pressure tops out and fish become lethargic. Falling pressure sends them on the hunt for food in shallower water.

Storm watch

Novice fishermen might think that an impending storm means it’s time to stay home. Experienced fishermen, however, know differently. From the time the sky clouds over until the end of the storm, barometric pressure drops and fish are more active.

After the rain

Runoff from heavy rain makes for great river fishing. The water is murkier, and the runoff carries food sources like worms and other critters into the river. This makes larger fish more active and susceptible to your lures.

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