How to Become a Better Fisherman

Some say that you’re born with fishing skills; others say you have to earn them. Here at Lawrence Bay Lodge, we think it’s a little bit of both: inherent talent, love of fishing and working on perfecting your craft.

Here are some tips on how to become a better fisherman:

Always Learn New Tricks

The first thing you should know that will make you a better fisherman each and every season is that there’s always something to learn. There will always be a more experienced fisherman who has unique tactics—if the experienced angler is willing to teach you his ways, listen! Then you can pass along all the tactics you’ve learned over the years to your kids and grandchildren.

Be Versatile

Bass Resource says that in order to be a truly good fisherman, you must be versatile. That means you have to adapt to new conditions and locations. Sure, fishing in the same spot day after day can guarantee success, but in order to be a truly talented fisherman, you must be adaptable to different conditions. Try to fish in different types of waters and enviornments whenever you have the chance.

Keep it Simple

Even though you should always be open to new experiences, don’t worry about overanalyzing your latest technique or most recent lure purchase. Fishing is about simplicity: keep it that way. Don’t let the distractions keep you from what you’re there for.

Practice Casting

Last but not least, up your casting game. Practice makes perfect, right? So take the hook off your line, and practice casting in your backyard until the flick of your wrist is like second nature. And don’t be embarrassed about practicing, even if you’re a seasoned fisherman, everyone could use a refresher at one point or another.

If you want to work on your skills this summer, learn more about our fishing trips and accommodations here at Lawrence Bay Lodge. Call us today at 701-262-4560 for more information!