How to Lure a Walleye

With the fishing season approaching very quickly, here are some tips on how to catch Walleye. Though Walleyes are native to the freshwaters of Canada, they have now made a home in almost every state of the United States. Walleye are some of the most popular game fish. They can be elusive at times. They will show up in droves one day, and then seem almost non-existent the next. However, take heart, because these tips will help you in your pursuit of these beautiful fish.
You will have to know where to look for these freshwater fish depending on what season you find yourself in. With spring being right around the corner, let’s direct our attention there. In the springtime, Walleye can be found in currents of rivers, or very near to the shore. So, be sure to plan your position accordingly.

Walleye are very attracted to bright colors. Your best bet is to use 3/8 oz. jig… in yellow, red, chartreuse, or even white. You can cast your line right along the shore. After you have cast your jig, be sure to reel in the line with finesse. Since Walleye tend to be very aggressive at this early time of year, make sure to use similarly aggressive movements to rally them out of their spawning grounds. The Walleye that are feeding will come very close to your jig. If they are defending their areas, the bright colors of your jig will catch their attention and drive them towards the surface.
Hopefully you find these tips helpful in your pursuit of Walleye. Also, remember much of the joy and thrill of fishing is in the hunt. Happy fishing!