How to Prep for a Hunting Trip

For hunters, there’s nothing like the excitement leading up to a hunting trip. But there can also be anxiety if you’re not sure how to properly prepare. So what should you do before you leave?

Pack an emergency kit

Emergency situations may be rare, but they can happen. And a small problem can become a big one if you’re not prepared. Hunting often requires getting off the beaten path, so you won’t have easy access to stores or assistance. Make sure you have a fully charged cell phone with you so you can call for help if you need it, and have a first aid kit with you to tend to health emergencies immediately.

Don’t forget the essentials

There are lots of small accessories that are important to take with you. Get everything together the day before the trip, and run through a checklist the night before. Make sure you have: a GPS, water, flashlight, hunting boots, gloves, and a sleeping bag. You’ll also want to pack warm clothes and a white or orange outer suit for visibility.


The week of the hunt, make sure to sit down at the computer or even with a pen and paper and write out all the details of your hunting strategy. Where will you stake out? How will you track the animal? Going over your plan in advance is a great strategy to make sure nerves don’t get in the way of enjoying your big day.

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