How You Can Go Fishing With Your Dog

If you love casting a line and you own an anxious and playful dog, you should take your companion with you on your next fishing adventure! But first, you’ll want to have your bases covered.

Before you leave for the lake, make sure your dog is ready

Check to see if he has any cracked paws, or sores—these can be incredibly painful for a dog after a long day on the lake. Clip his nails to medium-length, so they have good traction. This will help with running and keeping up with you.

If it’ll be hot out, you have to be weary of a heatstroke

Try to fish in the morning when it’s cooler, and stay underneath the shade. If possible, bring an umbrella with you and a water dish for your companion. They’ll be sure to thank you with licks later!

Once out on the lake, keep your dog close to you, or within eyesight, at all times

Dogs may underestimate their endurance level, or the depth of the water they’re swimming in. It can be dangerous further out, too, especially if several people have hooks out near you.

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