How You Can Use Your Hunting Skills for Fishing

If you love the great outdoors and the thrill of the catch as much as we do, you’re probably seeking any opportunity to put your sportsman’s skills into practice. If you’re already an avid hunter, you can use your hunting skills for fishing, and vice versa.

Here are some common skills to both sports:

Reading a contour map

Both hunters and fishermen benefit from being able to read a contour map. Knowing the lay of the land is important, even if the land in question is underwater. Finding ridges and draws on a map can give you an idea of deer’s feeding and bedding areas, as well as hint at the locations of flats and creek channels where trout may be hiding.

Understanding the behavior of big catches

Big bucks and big fish have one thing in common: they prefer to move alone. Good hunters know that a big buck will roam on its own, and good fishermen know that 10-pound bass are unlikely to be moving in a school of two-pounders.


Whether you hunt or fish, you know not to make yourself too obvious to the animals you’re trying to catch. Moving quietly and being patient is essential to both sports.

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