Interesting Trout Facts!

For those who think the only monsters that live in this lake are monster Northern Pike can think again. These trout just grow and grow up to 100lbs and have been caught up to 60lbs. This gives you anglers a good idea of what expect when fishing in Lake Reindeer.  This, by all accounts, is a huge fish and something you should think about when booking your trip with us this summer!

We didn’t forget the beauty of the Lake Trout either! In the past, we have highlighted some of the other fish in the area, like the walleye and the Northern Pike. Check out some of these cool facts about Lake trout, and let us know what you think in the comments below!

  • Some species of trout have almost double the chromosomes that humans have. These fish can have up to forty-two pairs, whereas humans only have twenty-three pairs.
  • Lake Trout do not develop their scales until after they are a month old.
  • A Lake Trout can see in every direction because it can focus on its peripherals.
  • Despite their tiny brains, Lake Trout are adept at outwitting anglers- they make a challenging catch!
  • The best time to fish Lake Trout is during “the calm before the storm”. Studies show that Lake Trout respond to weather afflictions in their environment, like rain and wind.

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