Moose Archery – How should I set up My Bow?

You are probably in one of two situations if you’re reading this post:

1 – You’re an avid archer who usually hunts game like whitetail or mule deer.

2 – You’re an avid rifleman or outdoors-man who is trying his hand at moose archery.

In either case, here’s some advice on setting up your bow for moose: The more kinetic energy, the better. This means a minimum of 60 foot pounds.

For the deer hunter trying his hand at moose hunting, you have to keep in mind that moose are far larger, have thicker hides and take a lot more to bring down. No one likes to see an animal suffer, so piercing both lungs is preferred in order to make its death as quick as possible.

For both the deer hunter and the rifleman, that means you will have to build up muscle strength to pull the drawstring. Don’t set it up with the right amount of force and pretend that it won’t affect your abilities. You’ll need to practice a lot, and it’ll pay off. The last story that you ever want to tell is how the perfect bull moose strolled right in front of you and you missed it (because you weren’t ready).

Similarly, you don’t want to tell anyone that you shot from a weak bow and barely managed to wound the moose, which promptly ran away, never to be seen by you again.

So, get your bow to the right setting (take it in to your local shop for help) and practice. Getting one of these beauties with a bow will be something to treasure for your whole life!