Tips for Moose Hunting

For avid hunters, there’s nothing like a moose hunting trip. But how do you make sure your trip is a successful one? Here are some tips to follow for your moose hunt.

Know where to go

Finding the best area to hunt is key to bringing home a prize moose. First, try to steer clear of areas frequented by other hunters, both for your safety and for a better chance at finding moose. Moose will move on from frequently hunted areas and areas close to roads, so getting off the beaten path can help you track them down.

If it’s early in the season, hunt along ridges and covered areas. During the moose rut, or mating season, hunt near ponds and lakes, as moose won’t stray far from food and water supply. Try to concentrate on only one or two areas at a time so you don’t miss them!

Know the weather

Cool, fall weather is always best for moose hunting, as this is when moose mate. During bad weather or heat, moose will tend to go into the swamps for protection and better food sources. Early morning and evening are usually the best time of day to hunt, since winds are likely to be lighter.

Be prepared

Make sure you have everything you need for the trip. Most importantly, take compass or GPS to help you find your way. Other essentials include: a familiar rifle, warm clothes (including good boots and gloves), a white or orange outer suit and a flashlight.

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