Moose Population for Hunting – A 2013 Forecast

In the final months of 2012, various websites and magazines began discussing the moose populations through Saskatchewan and surround areas. The Saskatchewan Environment ( is saying that the moose have gradually increased in numbers over the past thirty years… and since then, there has been talk of increasing populations in 2013.

So,.. What does this mean for licensing and permits? Well, Outdoor Canada recently posted that Saskatchewan plans to raise the hunting limits, including the addition of over 350 more licenses so far.

Since its early in the year, it is likely that the Saskatchewan Environment may add more on, so as to keep the population under control. This also increases the already high, Saskatchewan success rate.

“Moose: Moose hunting opportunities in farmland regions continue to increase. New quotas will be offered in a number of southern wildlife management zones, including 17, 28, 32, 36, 38, 41 and 42. There will also be both either-sex and antlerless seasons in many areas. There are many farmland moose zones that have very high success rates, with several areas exceeding 90 per cent. Moose numbers in the forest zones are also healthy. Overall, hunters can expect good to excellent opportunities in both the regular and draw seasons.”