New to Fishing? Then a Fishing Lodge Could Be Right For You

Located on Reindeer Lake in Northern Saskatchewan, Lawrence Bay Lodge, a fly-in fishing lodge, offers some of the best fresh water northern pike, walleye, arctic grayling and lake trout fishing in Canada. With an average depth of 100 feet, Reindeer Lake is loaded with fish, and while you could go out on the lake on your own and see what you get, fishing lodges are really ideal for anglers, especially novice ones.

Not everyone knows the ins-and-outs of fishing. Believe it or not, some city slickers have never dropped a line into a creek, river or lake because it wasn’t part of their culture or way of life. There is an art to fishing, and a science, and fishing lodges such as Lawrence Bay are typically run by experienced experts who not only know a lot about fishing, but also have the patience and ability to share their knowledge and tips with novices who are just getting used to it all for their first, second or third time. Having an expert with you can make for a very amazing fishing experience.

Lawrence Bay Lodge has access to Cree Indian fishing guides, float planes, fishing boats and first-class fishing equipment. So, a novice would be wise to enlist the help of a professional who knows where the fish are on Reindeer Lake and how to catch as many as possible, including “the big ones.” Just like you’d want a tour guide to show you around a new city, a fishing lodge service can and will help you navigate your way around a lake in order to find and catch the fish you came to get.

Lawrence Bay Lodge is an all-inclusive fishing resort where you have access to the fishing boat, a guide and supplies throughout the duration of your stay. For more information about the benefits of going to a fishing lodge, please contact Lawrence Bay Lodge today.