Northern Pike Fishing Tips and Techniques

Northern Pike fishing in Canada can be an exhilarating, yet challenging experience. The fish, which are abundant in Reindeer Lake, are easy to hook but difficult to catch. They’re attracted to most lures, but their impressive size and aggressive characteristics make it hard to reel them in.

Improve your Northern Pike catch with a few handy tips and techniques:

Use braided line when fishing for Northern Pike in Canada

Northern Pike are very large fish, with razor-sharp teeth and aggressive dispositions. Some people prefer braided line because it’s a stronger line and is less likely to snap.

Timing is important when fishing for Northern Pike

Northern Pike are notorious for playing with bait. A fish may hit your bait and let go without running with it. The next time you go fishing, try timing the setting of your hook with the bite of the Northern Pike.

Choose the right bait when Northern Pike Fishing

Over the last few years, some of the new tackle, along with some of the old standbys, have proven to be very successful. Some of the new, hot stuff has been the Sluggo type baits, the large single hook soft plastic lures.

The floating lures have been excellent, such as the Rapala’s and Heddon’s. Bucktails are back, too. Those of you who are used to fishing the bottom with slip sinkers or rigs will catch big walleye. The lake trout hit very good on deep diving lures – big bills – odd colors, trout like iron. Bass fishermen, bring the whole tackle box, bass lures work great for northern pike. Fly rods = big Northern Pike.

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