Reasons to go on a Family Fishing Trip

Even though the weather is cold now, the spring season is just around the corner and every fisherman is getting more and more excited to get out onto the water in the hopes of reeling in a trophy pike. This year, why not combine your spring fishing trip with a family vacation? The perfect opportunity to spend time with your family while enjoying some time on Reindeer Lake, a trip to Lawrence Bay Lodge is one your family will remember fondly for years to come.

Share Your Favorite Hobby

There is nothing quite as enjoyable as sharing your favorite hobby with your children and a trip to Lawrence Bay Lodge is a wonderful opportunity to get out on the water and teach your family about the sport you love. This exciting and one-of-a-kind trip may be the start of an annual family fishing experience!

Get Away From Technology

Another great reason to spend some time in the Saskatchewan with your family is the opportunity to turn off your phones and enjoy some fresh air. Between cell phones, laptops, tablets and all the other gadgets we have, it can feel like we’re always connected, but on a trip to Lawrence Bay Lodge there is no need to use these items! Whether you’re out on the boat reeling in the morning catch, eating a delicious shore lunch or relaxing in the lodge at the end of the day, there is plenty to do without worrying about connecting to the outside world.

Family Bonding

The number one reason to plan a family vacation to Reindeer Lake: The opportunity for family bonding. It can be tough to find a time to connect with your children during the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and a family vacation is a great chance to talk to your kids, getting to know their interests while sharing your love of fishing with them.

Excited to form some great memories with your family on Reindeer Lake? Book your spring or summer stay with Lawrence Bay Lodge at 701-262-4560. We look forward to seeing you here!