Should You Switch Your Fly Grip?

When it comes to casting with a fly rod, your grip is incredibly important – and as all experience fly fisherman know, you want it to be consistent from one cast to the next. A proper grip sets up a foundation for great fly fishing, but it can be difficult to get a comfortable hold on your fly rod if your cork grip doesn’t fit your hands correctly.

Most grips are created by gluing rings of Portuguese cork together and shaving them down into the correct form, and there are a few different styles of grip to choose from. Popular styles include the half well, full well and western grip.

Every fly fisherman has their own grip preference, but depending how long you have been using your rod, your grip may begin to wear down and become uncomfortable during your days out on the water.

Before heading out for your big fishing trip on Reindeer Lake, we recommend going for a test run at your local fishing spot. This is a great opportunity to test out your grip, review your tackle box and get excited for the Saskatchewan vacation ahead of you – so be sure to pay close attention to the shape your gear is in.

If your hands or arms feel tense and sore at the end of the day, it may be time to change your grip. The right grip will suite your casting style and will fit your hand properly, helping to improve your entire fishing experience.

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