Spend Quality Time with Dad on a Saskatchewan Hunting Trip

There’s something primal about hunting. For centuries men were hunters. They’d set out on the land to stalk their prey. They’d use primitive-but-effective weapons to kill animals that would then be used to feed their families and/or their villages. There was, and still is, a “thrill of the hunt.”

Fathers and sons today often live in cities where food is processed, video games rule, and they’re more likely to shop at a mall than hunt on the land. However, a father and son might consider a hunting trip together at the Lawrence Bay Lodge in a remote spot in Canada. A hunting trip makes for great father-son bonding time.

How does a boy know when he becomes a man? This is the question for the ages, and one that’s not easily answered, especially in this day and age. A hunting trip, though, can be a great time for a father to not only spend quality one-on-one time with his son, but also discuss ideas, hopes, and dreams. In addition, a hunting trip is one of the rare times a father and son are away from all other influences, like school, church, and…women. If they want to pee in the woods, they can. If they want to burp and fart and scratch themselves, they can. The rules are different in the woods on a hunting trip, and that’s a good thing.

Lawrence Bay Lodge is the kind of place men dream about– an oasis in the woods, surrounded by nature– like lakes and trees. Taking their son or sons on a hunting trip “up there in Canada?” Why that’s just about a slice of heaven-on-earth for some fathers.