Steps to Take When Catching Northern Pike

Northern Pike make a great but sometimes difficult catch. So what steps can you take to make your Northern Pike fishing experience a successful one?

Use the right materials

Northern Pike are large and have needle-sharp teeth, so you should take this into account when picking out your gear. They will bite through regular monofilament, so you always need to use a heavy leader of some kind. There are a few different baiting options to keep in mind as well. Try dead baiting in the winter when they’re less likely to chase the bait. Lure fishing is better for the warmer months when pike are more active. And live bait fishing is a middle of the road option as it presents a moving prey fish but within a specified area. You’ll also need a strong rod and reel to handle lots of heavy line.

Know where to go

Since Northern Pike are predators, there are certain places in particular where they like stake out. You’re more likely to find them in drop-offs where they can hide out in deeper water and darkened, camouflaged corners where they can bide their time before catching their unsuspecting prey. Moored boats are also worth targeting, as the slight increase in the temperature under the boat will attract prey fish and thus the pike.

Handle with care

The best policy when it comes to Northern Pike is minimal handling, both to avoid a painful bite and to protect the fish. Unhook them in the water if possible, or put them back in the water as soon as you can and hold them upright to get oxygen across their gills.

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