Summary of Fish at Lawrence Bay Lodge

Here at Lawrence Bay Lodge, we are major fish fans. Our lodge offers a variety of fishing adventures from Northern Pike fishing to Lake Trout fishing. We also offer fly-fishing for people that prefer it. We pride ourselves on the fishing experience that we provide to our valued guests.

Lake Trout

Reindeer Lake is filled to the brim with lake trout, ranging from 4 to 40 pounds. What depth they are located at is dependent on the season. For instance, they are sometimes swimming at a ten foot depth and other times, they are swimming at a seventy foot depth. We have a catch and release program for these fish that will provide you with some great bragging rights on Facebook. These fish are most typically found in lakes around northern North America.

Northern Pike

A northern pike fish is a fairly large. 75% of our customers catch northern pike ranging from 18 to 35 pounds. Many of these fish end up being “trophy catches” because of their size. These fish can put up a great fight but can be caught using different baits. They are typically light to dark green depending on their location. Reindeer Lake, the lake our lodge is located, is one of the top lakes for northern pike in the world.

Artic Grayling

These fish are typically known for their large dorsal fin that is often compared to a sail on a boat. They are typically found in colder waters and are native to many portions of North America. They typically range from about two to four pounds. They are fresh water fish and are both blue and gray in color. They are often known as the “Sailfish of the North.” Artic grayling are typically trophy fish because of their appearance and size.


Some of our guests have managed to catch 150/day/boat while fishing on the boat on Reindeer Lake, allowing you to stay close the lodge and still get your fishing fix. They are a premier fish in the Saskatchewan area and are ideal for all fishermen, whether you are experienced or just starting out. These fish range from about two to six pounds, sometimes weighing closer to eight. They are often found in Canada and the Northern United States.

These four fish are plentiful around Lawrence Bay Lodge and provide our guests with a great thrilling fishing adventure throughout the beautiful scenic lakes of Saskatchewan at Lawrence Bay Lodge.