Tag: Winter Camping

What You Need to Know to Start a Fire

Being able to start a campfire is an important skill to have. Whether you are a serious hiker or enjoy the occasional camping trip, being able to start a campfire is something everyone should be able to do. Materials for a Campfire In order to build a campfire, you will need three main things: tinder,… Read more »

Best Food Choices for Winter Camping

In the midst of planning a winter camping trip with your family or friends? You may be wondering what foods will be best to bring along with you. Of course, you will want to pack heartier foods and snacks than you would for a summer camping trip, as you will most likely be exerting more… Read more »

How to Prepare for Winter Camping

Many people associate camping trips with summer months, warm temperatures, and afternoon trips to the lake. However, many people camp in the winter surrounded by bitter temperatures and blankets of snow. If you’re brave enough to camp in the winter months, it’s important to prepare for extreme conditions. Pre-Plan Your Trip In the summer, it… Read more »