Above and Beyond

Randy, Phil and Vince (the best guide!) took such great care of us when our plans did not pan out. When it was too Smokey to fly us from Southend to Bray Island, Randy loaded us all up in his boat and took us up to the lodge for the night. In the morning, Vince boated us the remaining 2 hours to our destination. Then the next night when we unexpectedly encountered a bear at our campsite, Vince came and got us and brought us back to the lodge in the middle of the night! The next day, Vince and Darwin took us out fishing where we caught dozens of fish and had a delicious shore lunch. Then Randy boated us back to Southend. When we got a flat tire just outside of Southend, Mark (the Lawrence Bay Airways float plane pilot) found someone in town to repair the tire and invited us to stay the night in his cabin. These people are the salt of the earth. While nothing went according to plan for us, we enjoyed every bit of it thanks to the amazing Lawrence Bay team! Thank you!!

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