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This review is a bit different. My 3 daughters and I wanted to visit an island in Reindeer Lake named after my Grandfather. The plan was to fly to Bray island via Lawrence Bay Airways, camp
4 nights on the island, fly back out and drive to our home in Regina. Too Smokey to fly in so Randy offered to boat us to the lodge where we could stay the night and boat the rest of the way to Bray Island the next morning. We took his offer, had a wonderful evening and meals and a great 2 hour boat ride up to the island with Vince Bear one of the fishing guides. We had a glorious time on the island for two days but then a bear changed our plans. With a couple of encounters we decided we had to leave. Phil and Vince to the rescue. Vince arrived at the island at 10:30pm. Loaded up his boat and then a two hour ride through the night expertly guided by Vince back to the lodge. Again, accommodations provided at a moments notice. Next day we went fishing. My daughters had a great time and we all enjoyed the great shore lunch provided by Vince and Darwin. Next day Randy took us back to Southend where we planned to camp and then head home. Campground was closed so we decided to go to La Ronge. 15 minutes into the trip – flat tire – but Marc the float plane pilot was right behind us and he took control of the situation which was more than just a simple tire change. Ended staying at his quarters overnight before finally heading home to Regina. A crazy adventure but the crew at Lawrence Bay Lodge and Airways were amazing. Thanks to Randy, Phil, Vince and Darwin and other staff our experience will be remembered for a lifetime.

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