The Best (And Worst) Weather for Fishing

Many enthusiastic fishermen hold a philosophy that says if it’s weather you can fish in, then it’s good fishing weather! Technically speaking, they aren’t wrong—as long as the conditions are safe. However, if you’re trying to plan a fishing trip with your kids or don’t have quite as much ambition as some of the more fanatical anglers, you might be looking for a little more guidance.

There are certain climates that are more ideal for a successful fishing trip, and others that might mean it’s a good day to hang out at the lodge instead. Take note of some of these weather conditions that play a role in deciding if you’ll be reeling the fish in all day or twiddling your thumbs on the boat!

Fishing in the Wind

A solid breeze can make for some great fishing if you know how to take advantage of it. Fishing on windy days can be very lucrative if you position yourself accordingly. You want to be casting in a direction in which your bait moves with the wind, not against it.

Wind creates waves that push food towards the far shore, drawing bait fish into shallower waters along with the game fish that follow them—which makes these conditions ideal for shore fishing. Whether you’re sticking to land or venturing out onto the waves just be sure to cast into the wind for the best chance at success.

Fishing in the Sun

You may look out at a sunny sky and think you’ve scored the perfect fishing weather, but that’s not necessarily the case. Too much sun and the heat from its rays will drive fish down deep in search of cooler water. This could be a good opportunity to test your deep fishing skills, but otherwise you probably won’t catch much.

If you do decide to venture out on a bright, sunny day, try to avoid the midday heat. Fish will emerge in the early morning and later afternoon to feed, so this is the best time to head out on the water. Night fishing is another fun option to consider if you’ve been caught in a sunny streak!

Fishing Under the Clouds

A cloudy day can be very advantageous for your fishing trip, especially if you’d like to go in the mid-afternoon! Overcast conditions reduce light penetration into the water and signal to fish that it’s a good time to come up for food.

Fish will spend a lot of time cruising shallow waters to feed on a cloudy day—more than they will when the sun is beating down. Also keep in mind that fish tend to be more scattered throughout the water on these days.

Fishing in the Rain

When it comes to rain, conditions can either be extremely optimal or less than ideal for your fishing adventure. Light rain makes for excellent fishing, as the same cloudy skies that you have on an overcast day will encourage fish to emerge from deep water. Rainy skies block light and the raindrops themselves help hide you from the fish by obstructing their view. A light rain will also wash bait and insects into shallow water and encourage a feeding frenzy!

Heavy rain can provide a beneficial environment for fishing as well if it’s big game you’re after. The more aggressive fish will take the opportunity to ride the higher water column and make it easier for you to bring home a trophy for the wall. However, if the rain is too dense, it can prevent fish from seeing your bait and muddle the current.

The most important thing to remember when it comes to evaluating the weather for fishing is to stay safe! Don’t risk getting caught in a storm or high winds—wait for the water to calm down enough that you can safely navigate it.

If you need help figuring out the best time and conditions to go after your preferred fish, give us a call at Lawrence Bay Lodge. We’ll make sure your fishing experience is everything you’ve been dreaming of and give you a cozy place to wait out any bad weather!