The Seasons of Saskatchewan: Autumn

Autumn in Saskatchewan

For the third post in our four-part blog series, we’ll cover weather predictions and outdoor activities during autumn in Saskatchewan.

The captivating thing about autumn, is the beauty of the dying leaves and migrating birds. The colors in Saskatchewan during fall are an aesthetically stunning display, sure to put anyone into a Stendhal-syndrome like daze.

Autumn in Saskatchewan is also the season for craft fairs, corn mazes and pumpkin patches, but ultimately- the start of hunting season. The sights and the activities bring us various visitors through the each season.
“Every year tourists, including hunters and anglers, spend about $1.5 billion in Saskatchewan. In 2005, more than 70,000 people hunted in the province, 22,000 of them coming from other provinces or countries, mainly the United States. Hunters spent $107.5 million in the province, or eight per cent of the amount spent by all tourists. Most of that money was spent in rural areas where the economic activity generated by hunters resulted in more than 1,000 full-time jobs.”

In late fall, anglers and hunters visit the lodge for their long awaited get way. They may stay at the lodge prior to hunting season, to enjoy the sights and wildlife of Saskatchewan. For more information on hunting or fishing with us, visit our main page.

Photo of a Saskatchewan Autumn

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This photo of Saskatchewan is courtesy of TripAdvisor
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This photo of Saskatchewan is courtesy of TripAdvisor