The Seasons of Saskatchewan: Winter

Saskatchewan in Winter

For the final installment of our four-part blog series on the seasons of Saskatchewan, we’ll discuss the weather and sporting activities of chill, winter season.

Each year, when all of the leaves are gone and the snow starts to fall, we are transposed to another world. The scene is almost like a winter wonderland with frosty branches and the gorgeous Northern Lights. It seems that no matter what time of year you visit us, you’ll be welcomed with stunning landscapes and views.

Winter Fishing in Saskatchewan

Experienced Anglers can withstand the cool temperatures and winds of the brisk winter – and some can even spend most of the winter fishing in just a long sleeve shirt. Once you get into the late winter months (Dec-Feb), you’ll certainly want to put on a few layers, but there is no reason to hang up your gear at the first sign of snowfall.

By late-December, ice on most Saskatchewan lakes is usually thick enough to support vehicles and fishing equipment (but always check conditions before crossing frozen bodies of water). Fish tend to be on a feeding frenzy around this time. Walleye are plentiful, while northern pike, perch, whitefish, trout and burbot are also common. Thawing is rare before mid-March. The three month season gives winter anglers ample time and opportunity to get out on the ice.”