These Are the Qualities Every Good Fisherman Needs to Have

Upon first impression, fishing can seem like a pretty easy sport. All you have to do is hook some bait onto your line, throw it into the water, and wait for a fish to bite, right? Wrong! Anybody who has ever gone fishing knows that it’s not that simple. Like any sport or activity, being good at fishing takes research, practice, and hard work.

The great thing about fishing is that anybody who is interested in it can try it out and have fun. But if you really want to commit to being an angler, there are a few traits you need to have to succeed!


The reality of being out on the water is that you’re going to spend way more time NOT catching fishing than you will actually reeling something in. Rushing through the process will yield nothing, so patience is a virtue you must possess if you’re in it for the long haul. As a fisherman, you need to be willing and able to take the time to gather information, make a plan, carefully make your moves and, often, just wait for fish to bite.


In order to be successful, a fisherman has to be able to read their surroundings. You have to note things like the weather, water conditions, where the fish are, their movement patterns, which techniques and equipment are working and which aren’t, etc. These are the observations you’ll need to make connections between to inform your strategy and build your fishing knowledge over time.


Success in fishing is a combination of research, practice, trial and error, and sometimes pure luck. Not only do you have to be patient enough to learn and develop your skills, you need to have the determination to see it through. It’s easy enough to come up with a plan before you hit the water, but sticking with it and not giving up when the fish aren’t biting is how you truly become a good fisherman (and finally catch that trophy fish!).


A good fisherman should both like and respect the environment. You’ll be spending a lot of time in the great outdoors honing your craft, so if you don’t enjoy being there you won’t keep working at it and improving. Your job is also to respect the land, water, and creatures you come across while fishing. Once you’ve left a spot, there should be no sign left that you were ever there.


If you want to succeed at fishing in the long run, you need to be willing to take chances and make changes. Going to the same spot, using the same equipment, and trying for the same fish every time will get boring and, eventually, leave you coming up dry. You must be eager to try new places, techniques, species, and technology to break up the monotony and keep growing your abilities.


If you want to actually catch some fish, you can’t just pick up a pole and head to any body of water you’d like. You need to research the species you’re targeting, best location to go, conditions of the water, anticipated weather, new tactics to try, and the latest equipment available, among many other things. The more you know about fishing, the better fisherman you’ll be.

The good news for anyone interested in fishing is that the traits and skill you need to succeed can all be learned, practiced, and mastered—as long as you have the right teacher. At Lawrence Bay Lodge, our fishing guides will show you what it takes to be a great angler. Come on out to our modern lodge on Reindeer Lake for a guided fishing trip, and you’ll leave with the knowledge and clarity you need to continue to the next level of your fishing journey, no matter what level you start at.

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