Three Reasons to Start Fly Fishing

Here at Lawrence Bay Lodge, fly fishing is one of our very favorite activities. There is nothing quite like spending a day out on Reindeer Lake, enjoying the fresh air and waiting for a big Northern Pike to bite. All of our friends and family members are used to hearing us talk about fly fishing and all the reasons they should try it, and this recent article from Field and Stream has inspired us to share some of these reasons with you!

Fly fishing offers an opportunity to get outside and enjoy nature.

If you love exploring the outdoors and visiting interesting new places, fly fishing is a great hobby to get into. There are so many incredible locations that you can visit on a fly fishing trip, including Reindeer Lake, Saskatchewan.

Just like any other sport, fly fishing is about a lot more than winning (catching a big fish). It is a way to relax and enjoy the nature around you while learning something new or enjoying a hobby you have been involved in for years. Whether fly fishing is an opportunity for you to bond with your family or a way to de-stress with your friends after a long work-week, the fresh air and cool breeze alone will make any trip one to remember.

Fly fishing is easy to learn, but difficult to master.

Fly fishing is an easy sport to get into, and one that individuals of all ages can enjoy. It is also a sport that will continue to challenge you for years to come, since there are always new techniques to try, new problems to solve and unique situations to experience all around the world. The beauty of fly fishing is in the little moments you spend on the water, and there are plenty of those to be had no matter how long you have been fishing for.

Fly fishing will make you a better angler.

For the avid angler who is looking to expand their fishing knowledge, fly fishing is a fun way to learn some new tricks! From reading currents to finding or making a lure that the fish will gobble up, there are plenty of fly fishing skills you can incorporate into angling.

If all this talk about fly fishing has you itching to visit the Saskatchewan this spring, schedule your Lawrence Bay Lodge vacation online or by phone at 701-262-4560. The perfect spot for amateurs to hone their skills and experienced fishermen to enjoy the sport they love, we can’t wait to see you on Reindeer Lake!