Tips for Opening Day of Deer Season

Deer season is coming up! Are you ready? Here are some handy tips for the opening day of deer season:

Preparation is key

Make sure to sight in before opening day, so you’ll be confident in your shots. Other prep steps: make a comprehensive, written packing list before you hunt and shop early for all the gear you’ll need, including ammo, deer scent, and warm, protective gear like a good jacket, gloves and sturdy boots.

Get good seats

Deer start reacting to hunter movement even before the first shot is fired, which is why picking the right stand position is absolutely essential. Place yourself along escape routes or feed-to-bed trails so when the deer come by, you’ll be waiting. Along similar lines, consider positioning yourself near thick cover, since that’s where deer head when they want to feel safe and secure.

Don’t live on the edge

It may be tempting to set up right on the edge of a field so you can get a good view of where the deer are feeding, but don’t do it! Mature bucks—you know, the ones you want to bag—will scent for danger and avoid open areas.

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