Tips to Help You Catch Your Next Lake Trout

Did you know the largest lake trout ever caught with a reel weighed 72 pounds? That feat is even more impressive if you’re an experienced angler who knows how difficult it can be to catch this elusive species!

When you head out to the bountiful waters of Reindeer Lake, your chances of reeling in a trophy lake trout are pretty good—but only if you know what it takes to draw one in. Check out a few of our top tips for finding success on your trout fishing expedition to make your trip even more memorable!

Focus on depth.

Lake trout like cold water, which means they tend to hang deeper. How deep you’ll need to go to catch one is going to depend on the season, weather, and even the time of day. The warmer it is, the deeper they’ll go. Consider using a depth finder to help you map the lake and speed up the process.

Use bright-colored bait.

Deeper waters are darker waters, so it’s imperative that your bait is highly visible if you want to catch a lake trout. Choose a lure with a vivid color, such as blue, orange, pink, or even white, that you know the fish will be able to see.

Spoon lures are your best bet.

Like many species, lake trout tend to more aggressively pursue slow, steady-moving lures that resemble bait fish. Spoons are often the best at mimicking this type of movement and catching the attention of lake trout. They’re also ideal for depth targeting because they’re weighted for controlled sinking, meaning they’ll drop fast without significant variations in speed that can drive away your target.

Lawrence Bay Lodge is the premier location for all anglers to try their hand at catching a lake trout! The average lake trout caught in our waters range from four to thirty pounds and can be pulled from depths as far down as seventy feet.

Book your stay with us today for the thrilling opportunity to catch one or more of the incredible species we have here at Reindeer Lake!